Zanadou PBW 0261

David Dixon

Oprichter DDJ&

David Dixon is een van de oprichters van DDJ&, van Britse afkomst en al jaren woonachtig in Nederland.

Welk onderwerp speelt er voor jou nu het meest in de culturele sector?
"One of the negative aspects of public funding is that cultural organisations are insulated from society. Every other public or private organisation must pay close attention to their customers, investors, donors, users etc. but cultural organisations are paid to think only of te art and each other. This is not healthy or democratic. Changes in income sources will require cultural organisations to re-engage with society."

Wat verwacht je van Zanadou?
I expect Zanadou to inform, delight and infuriate me. I want to hear a wide range of opinions, to keep up to date in my sector and to be surprised at least once a week."

Wat is jouw favoriete cuturele uiting?
I like events which mix artforms. The best I saw recently was David Byrne in a small theatre in New York – music, dance, theatre and some politics too. Spike Lee will be making a film of the performance – I can’t wait!"